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The 3 biggest challenges for most new investors that want to learn how to wholesale real estate are:


When you come to our Distressed Real Estate Boot Camp we will help you overcome the first challenge which is training and education. We will teach you how to find properties, how to make offers, how to speak to realtors and what to say. You will also learn about After Repair Value (ARV), Repair Estimates (RE) and how to calculate your maximum offer price (MOP). And we will even take you on a bus trip to visit bank owned properties so that you can gain valuable hands on experience in the field looking at houses that are good candidates for fixing and flipping.


After you have attended our Distressed Real Estate Boot Camp you will know how to make offers and get houses “under contract”. You need to learn how to find houses to flip before you can flip these houses to other investors. However in order to flip houses you need to have cash buyers.If you are a new real estate investor then you probably don’t have any cash buyers. This means that you don’t have anyone to flip the house to. And you also don’t have a system in place to sell your houses to cash buyers. We solve that problem for you by marketing the property for you to our huge network of cash buyers and we systemize the entire process all the way through until the closing and the title company (and you getting paid).


Imagine that you find an amazing deal on a bank owned property, foreclosure or short sale. You would like to buy this house in order to wholesale it and flip it to a buyer for a profit. But you don’t have the cash to pay for the house. That is where transactional funding comes in via our Partnership Program where we will put up the cash for you! We will give you access to our transactional funding so that you can flip these houses to cash buyers without worrying about how to pay for the house. So you can flip houses without having any cash at all.

We have trained over 1,000 students with our Partnership Program. We want to train you too. After all, if we can teach you how to find houses and you bring those houses to us and we flip them to our cash buyers then you make money and we make money. This is truly a win/win situation for you and for us. We want you as our partner and we want to train you right so that you can flip as many houses as possible with us. Who knows you might like flipping houses so much that you might decide to become a full time wholesaler (many of our students are now full time wholesalers).

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Register For The Partnership Program


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